LANmark-6A Ultim cords are developed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3an) and any other future Cat.6A application. LANmark-6A Ultim Cords offer superior performance up to 500MHz and are matched with other LANmark-6A components to provide improved data throughput in complex channel configurations. Ultim cords use stranded cable and as such provide maximum system flexibility for the use at Cross Connects and Consolidation points. They will also maximise the lifetime and longevity of the system by minimising the risk of wear & tear damage. Due to their good electrical performance and mechanical stability, LANmark-6A Ultim cords can be used for accurate field testing of Cat 6A cabling channels. . Ultim Cords feature a slim boot for mechanical protection, which is kept inside the RJ45 boundaries to enable High Density Patching with 48 cords in 1 height unit. They also come with a ‘Replaceable’ Latch Protector, which can be used for colour coding of different services

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